Decima – Bootstrap 4 Angular Admin Template


Decima is a creative Bootstrap 4 admin template built with
Angular. It comes out of the box with AoT and lazy loading support,
Language translation, light/dark colour schemes and lots of other
reusable UI elements and widgets. Decima gives you all that you
need to start working on your SAAS, CRM, CMS or dashboard based

Once you’ve purchased please consider giving
a 5 star rating, it helps in pushing out more updates and adding a
lot more features.

Key Features

  • Angular support (Angular 4+)
  • AoT
  • Fully responsive (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
  • Well documented (Both online and offline)
  • Easy to customise
  • Language translation


- `2.2.0` (2017-09-22)
- Changes
Update to angular 6+
Update to latest bootstrap
update to latest ng-bootstrap
Update packages

- `1.4.0` (2017-08-02)
- Bug Fixes
Fix ngx-charts ie11 issue

- Features
Update ng-bootstrap (*Breaking change)
Update ngx-translate (*Breaking change)
Update to angular-cli 1.2.6
Update other packages

- `1.3.0` (2017-07-19)
- Bug Fixes
Fix firefox scroll issue

- Features
Update to new ng-sidebar (*Breaking chnage: Breaks the layout
Update to angular-cli 1.2.1
Update other packages
Update to angular 4.3.x

- `1.2.0` (2017-06-13)
- Bug Fixes
Fix ng-sidebar issues after update
Fix sidebar menu issues
Fix tooltip error issue on demo pages

- Features
Update to new ng-sidebar (*Breaking change: Breaks the layout
Update to angular-cli 1.1.1
Update other packages
Restyle ngx-datatables pagination controls and add official icon

- `1.1.0` (2017-05-30)
- Bug Fixes
Fix bubble chart width issue
Fix sidebar menu issues 

- Features
Rework overal typography

- `1.0` (2017-05-30)
Initial release

Price:0.00 USD

Download Decima – Bootstrap 4 Angular Admin Template

Download this file for free @ Usenet.nl (decima-bootstrap-4-angular-admin-template.zip)

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