Master Slider jQuery Slider Plugin with Visual Builder


Master Slider jQuery slider pluginis a premium
image and content slider with super smooth hardware accelerated
transitions. It supports touch navigation with pure swipe gesture,
that you have never experienced before. It’s a
truly responsive and device friendly slider which works perfect in
all major devices. Master Slider plugin is an awesome layer slider
as well, with the ability of adding any HTML contents (texts,
images, …) in layers. It is easy to use, plus there are 80+ ready
to use sample sliders for you. You have almost everything such as
hotspots, thumbnails, video support, variety of effects, and many
more features in this plugin. Master slider jQuery slider is the
most complete among the best.

Online Visual

Visual Builder is a revolutionary facility for our jQuery users.
We started a revolution on jQuery slider plugins, and this
revolution succeed, because this editor is totally free for our
jQuery users.This online tool makes you able to create, manage and
export your sliders on averta cloud service. Your sliders are safe
in your online panel. It saves you tons of time, while you no
longer are required to touch even a line of code. While it is an
online service, you don’t receive
“Visual Builder†script by your

Parallax Slider

Master Slider jQuery slider plugin provides an easy to use
parallax templates that you can use them on your website. These
parallax templates let you design your parallax slider in less than
ten minutes, by simply using our parallax templates and free jquery
visual builder. Parallax slider works smooth on all themes, with
any content that you want to use for your slider.

Touch slider

Master slider jQuery slider plugin touch navigation, offers a
variety of options like touch swipe on mobile and drag and drop
option for desktop. Our touch-enabled media slider allows users to
drag over the items smoothly. Master Slider is one of the easiest
plugins on Envato marketplace, which also greatly extends
functionality into touch-support mobile devices.

Video gallery is one of the most important tools for business
owners to promote their service or product. Master Slider jQuery
slider plugin allows users to create stunning Youtube and Vimeo
sliders for their website. With Master Slider ready to use video
templates, you can create elegant video gallery just in

Youtube Slider

The best plugin on Envato marketplace to create Youtube slider,
is Master Slider jQuery slider plugin. All you need is to choose
one of our Youtube video slider templates and embed the link of
Youtube video. Creating Master Slider Youtube Slider, is one of the
most easy way to get more traffic and shares for your website.

Layered Slider

Master Slider jQuery layered slider plugin has different layers
with amazing options. They are five editable layers you can add to
your slides: Text layer, image layer, video layer, button layer,
and hotspot layer. You can customize each
layer’s content, style, transition, and misc.
Each layer can be animated, too! With animated layers, you can
insert or embed HTML formatted texts, links, images, and videos
directly into your slides and add unique animation parameter such
as effect, duration, delay, etc.

Image and
Content Slider

You can create image and content slider with Master Slider
jQuery slider plugin. Any content can be added to the slider.
Master Slider awesome features help you easily add images and other
content and customize them in any way you wish. You can add
transition or style to the added content. However, you are able to
only have an image slider. Images simply can be added to the
slider, from media library. Just easily choose images one by one,
or select multiple images. Also, all slides’
images can be enlarged in lightbox.

Flickr Slider

There are different image services, and instead of uploading the
same images you have already used there, it is easier to get your
images automatically from these websites and show them on your
website. Master Slider jQuery slider plugin integrates with Flickr
and lets you create a slider by your Flickr images. Your latest
Flickr images will appear on a slider, with or without author name,
image title, and image description as a text layer on the

Master Slider 2.50.0, 2016-8-10

- [Added] Overlay layers, now you can add animated layers over the
slider too.
- [Added] Masked layer, this feature gives you the ability of
masking layers to achieve fresh looking animations.
- [Added] Smart layer actions, now it is possible to add "show
layer", "hide layer" or "toggle layer" actions to the layers.
- [Added] New minimal slider skin.
- [Added] New slider sample as the example of new features.
- [Added] Option of enabling background video in mobile devices.
- [Fixed] Static layers positioning in Firefox.
- [Improved] Layer animations and show/hide timing functionality.

Master Slider 2.16.3, 2015-12-1

- [Added] Box transition view.
- [Fixed] An issue of getting touch JS error in some Android
- [Improved] Swipe sensitivity while scrolling page on touch
- [Improved] Slider stability in some pages which contained JS
errors from third-party scripts.

Master Slider 2.15.1, 2015-7-6

- [Updated] Updated Prettyphoto script version to 3.1.6.
- [Added] Added compatibility with new version of Facebook API
- [Fixed] layers was disappear in IE9
- [Fixed] Youtube/Vimeo's fullscreen didn't work in Firefox
- [Fixed] Hotspot layer custom attributes didn't work.
- [Fixed] A JavaScript error in scroll parallax module fixed.

Version 2.14.4, 2015-4-29

- [Added] Flickr and Facebook gallery templates.
- [Added] `scrolTo(duration, target)` layer action.
- [Added] `autoFillTarget` option. Specifies the parent element of
slider width jQue
- [Added] `minHeight` option. Specifies min height value for the
slider, it prevents
- [Improved] Slider sizing with autofill or fullscreen layout.
- [Fixed] Controls auto hide didnt work in touch devices.
- [Fixed] Scroll parallax effect did not work.
- [Fixed] Preload value larger than slides number caused js errors.

Version 2.12.3, 2015-4-14

- [Added] Fixed layers.
- [Added] Static layers.
- [Added] CSS3 filters option, now you can add css filters to
slider transitions like grayscale, blur, ..
- [Added] Stack slide transition view.
- [Added] New template for Fixed layers.
- [Added] New template for Static layers.
- [Added] New template for Stack transition view.
- [Added] New template for CSS3 filters option.
- [Added] Change on hover option to thumblist control.
- [Added] Arrows style for the thumblist control.
- [Improved] startOnAppear option functionality.
- [Improved] slider performance.
- [Fixed] A conflict with startOnAppear in Facebook gallery.
- [Fixed] An issue in calculating thumbnails width.
- [Fixed] An issue in aligning thumbnails which doesn't have
fillMode option.

Version 2.9.7, 2015-3-19

- [Added] startOnAppear option to slider. It initializes slider
when slider comes inside of browser window when scrolling. 
- [Improved] API update method.
- [Fixed] Some minor js errors.

Version 2.9.5, 2015-3-3

- [Added] Keyboard navigation option. (keyboard:true)
- [Fixed] Throwing error after destroying slider with API destroy
- [Fixed] A JS error in IE9.

Version 2.9.4, 2015-2-24

- [Fixed] Rendering issue in Firefox.
- [Fixed] Mouse wheel not working in latest version of Firefox.
- [Fixed] Missing map file.

Version 2.9.3, 2015-1-20

- [Fixed] Partial view version 2 not working.
- [Fixed] Image layers over first slider not aligning correctly in
Chrome for iOS.
- [Improved] Gallery template style.

Version 2.9.1, 2014-12-22

- [Improved] Slide linking. Now it's possible to add lightbox to
- [Fixed] Linked slides not working correctly.
- [Fixed] Problems with 3D transitions in FireFox.
- [Fixed] Video background paused in "mask" transition view when
window resized.
- [Improved] Lots of improvement in slider performance.

Version 2.9.0, 2014-12-13

- Added new transition view "parallaxMask".
- Added new direction styles to tab's arrow (left and top).
- Improved wheel navigation by Magic Mouse or Trackpad in OS X.
- Improved parallax effect by mouse movement.
- Fixed links and buttons not working with "mask" transition.
- Fixed instant start layers and load nearby preloading conflict.
- Fixed wheel navigation with non-loop slider.
- Fixed unexpected horizontal page scroll bar when fullscreen is
- Fixed unexpected js errors when swipe navigation is disabled.
- Fixed removeEventListener method.
- Fixed not showing layers with "with-limit" attribute when window
- Updated slider base style.
- Improved slider performance.

Version 2.1.0, 2014-8-31

- Added deep linking feature.
- Added vertical direction to bullets UI control.
- Added option to disable swipe over layers, now it's possible to
insert HTML form elements over slides.
- Improved slider UI controls responsiveness.
- Updated slider documentation.
- Fixed an issue with fullscreen slider in IE8.
- Fixed an issue with playing/pausing Youtube and Vimeo videos in
some browsers.
- Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 2.0.0, 2014-8-3

- Added parallax scroll effect.
- Added jQuery plugin setup method, now you can use Master Slider
jQueyr plugin to setup the slider.
- Added autoplay option to video layer and slide video.
- Updated slider documentation.
- Fixed conflict with an old version of jQuery UI.
- Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 1.7.2, 2014-7-2

- Added new layer type for adding buttons to slides.
- Added layer action. Now you can set special action for layers (go
to next slide, go to previous, pause slider, ..)
- Fixed an issue with Flickr API.

Version 1.7.0, 2014-6-21

- Added content slider feature, now you can add any html content in
an auto height slider.
- Added new templates (Slider in tablet, Slider in iPhone, ...)
- Added fixed layer positioning option.
- Added touch events for desktop IE11 browser.
- Added layers parallax effect
- Added new aligning method for layers
- Added option to enable mouse over hotspot's tooltips.
- Fixed destroying controls issues
- Fixed sequence loading in looped slider
- Fixed aligning layers in blank slide.
- Fixed video layer sizing issue.
- Fixed z-sorting issue in 3D transition views.
- Fixed an issue with autoplay slider and video background slides. 

Version 1.5.7, 2014-4-2

- Added new option "layout", now you can change layout of slider
(fullwidth, fullscreen, partial, boxed, ...) by one option in
slider options.
- Added links for hotspots.
- Added new option "instantStartLayers" which starts layer before
slide transition complete.
- Added new destroy method with reset parameter.
- Added "align" and "margin" options to thumblist, sliderinfo,
scrollbar, bullets and timebar controls.
- Added new option "hideUnder" to controls, now you can specify
window width in pixel for each control and hides control in smaller
window size.
- Added thumb width and height and space between thumbs options to
thumblist control.
- Added "color" option to scrollbar and timebar control.
- Added Ajax sample in download package.
- Fixed auto height slider resizing.
- Improved slide changing transition.
- Improved layer transitions.
- Fixed accessing to slider api before slider init.
- Fixed background sizing problem with not cached images.

Version 1.5.0, 2014-2-8

- Added HD background videos.
- Added autofill option.
- Added fullheight option.
- Added fullscreen template.
- Added Masterslider's homepage slider in download package.
- Added smart memory management, now slider works with over 150
- Added dynamic speed to swipe gesture.
- Added update method in slider API.
- Fixed tooltip positioning in Firefox and Opera.
- Improved slide changing transition.

Version 1.2, 2013-12-28

- Fixed video close button in touch devices. 
- Fixed layers z-sorting in Safari.
- Fixed linking layers.
- Fixed video cover image positioning.
- Improved timer functionality.

Version 1.1, 2013-12-14

- Added scrolling speed option to thumbnails/tabs UI control.
- Fixed positioning of tooltips in mobile and tablet view.
- Improved sliding performance.

Version 1.0, 2013-12-9

- Initial release

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