Warriors VS Evil Spirits – HTML5 Game 5 Levels + Mobile Version! (Construct 3 | Construct 2 | Capx)


Warriors VS Evil Spirits a really cool game about a guy who alone decided to get to the den of zombies and conduct a hard war there. Buy weapons in the store and shoot a zombie from 16 types of… Continue Reading


Hit Em Up – HTML5 Game 20 Levels + Mobile Version! (Construct 3 | Construct 2 | Capx)


Hit Em Up it’s a very cool game, to destroy zombies, and you have a bazooka with super bombs. Save the whole world by clearing the planet from zombie invasion. This game has 20 levels with a gradually increasing degree… Continue Reading


45 HTML5 GAMES IN 1 GOLD BUNDLE + Mobile Version!!! BUNDLE №2 (Construct 3 / Construct 2 / Capx)


45 HTML5 GAMES IN 1 GOLD BUNDLE!!! (CAPX); a suite of 45 beautiful games, with excellent graphics and great sounds! All 45 games in bundle, all the sources included, HTML5 projects, Construct 2 projects, graphics, sounds and much more! Html5… Continue Reading


Rabbit Run Adventure – HTML5 Game – Mobile, Facebook Instant Game & Web (HTML5, CAPX & C3P)


Rabbit Run Adventure is a 2D running game made with construct 2 and construct 3 Game Engines (Capx, C3p Files + HTML5 Included). A wonderful game full of adventures. Avoid obstacles and reach your goal. Play on the Web, Mobile… Continue Reading


Paint Gun – HTML5 Mobile Game (Construct 3 / Construct 2 / Capx)


Shoot a pistol into falling colorful balls. The color of the built-in bullet must match the color of the falling ball. If the color does not match, the ball increases, and it will be more difficult to destroy. Competitions with… Continue Reading


Snake Color Break – Html5 Game and Mobile ( Contruct 3)


Color Snake Break is Ultra Casual Game. One Of addictive kind. How to Play? Click and Drag the Screen to Break the Match Color Brick. Requirements You don’t need anything to publish to web. Customize project or publish to Mobile.… Continue Reading


To Up – HTML5 mobile and PC game – android and ios HD


A beautiful game designed to run on mobile devices, but that runs perfectly on browsers. It is easy to convert to an application. Its style is Arcade, guarantees hours of fun, has 16 achievements for the player to unlock. It… Continue Reading




QUARANTINE OF NAZARETH A COVID-19 (CORONA VIRUS) pandemic arrived and took over Brazil. It is necessary for the elderly to stay at home as they are the most affected by the virus. NAZARÉ is a very old person and insists… Continue Reading


Kart Rush – ( Biker Game | Capx and HTML5 )


Pong Soccer Touch and Keyboard Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.) Easy to Reskin Easy to Change Source Construct 2 (capx) file included Construct 3 (c3p) file included The game saves the best score on device or browser Events… Continue Reading


Dead Zone


Dead zone is a action platformer game, on HTML5, and Mobile games with some additions and improvements in the game, If you enjoy platform games you shouldn’t miss this. Journey through beautifuly designed levels, try to find all gold, jewel… Continue Reading