Nazox – Admin & Dashboard Template


Nazoxis a bootstrap 4 based fully responsive admin dashboard template. Nazox admin is based on a simple and modular design, which allows it to be easily customized. It comes with lots of reusable and beautiful UI elements, widgets and more… Continue Reading


Opatix – Admin & Dashboard Template


Opatixis the most developer friendly & highly customisable HTML admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. It’s a fully responsive and have very clean user interface that comes with a huge collection of components, widgets, UI… Continue Reading


Mooli. – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template


Mooli is A fully responsive web UI components and admin dashboard template. Designed carefully to fit various kinds of device screens. It comes with a few unique pages and components which can help you to build Admin Applications quickly. It… Continue Reading




Presenting Crema, the all in one package which uses React Hooks to write components more intuitively without using classes. Crema uses Material UI components and follows Google’s Material Design guidelines.   Crema is integrated with Redux for state management hence… Continue Reading


Skote – React Admin & Dashboard Template


Skoteis a fully featured premium admin dashboard template built in React Redux Saga with firebase authentication and developer-friendly codes. We have not used jQuery in this template its pure ReactJs with CRA and fully components based admin template. Skoteis a… Continue Reading


Treo – Angular 9 Admin Template


Treo– Angular Admin Template and Starter Kit Treois a modular, multi-layout Angular admin template featuring custom made Application and Page layouts, UI elements and UX best practices. The multi-layout setup allows using multiple template layouts without making any major changes… Continue Reading


The Empire Bootstrap 4 Admin Template


About Empire? Empire is your one-stop for modern, simplistic, performance-centric admin template build using Bootstrap 4 design framework that far ahead from 1000’s of other admin dashboard templates. Made for Performance Performance is our key point before developing Empire Admin… Continue Reading


XServer | PHP/JSON REST API with Admin Dashboard and Mobile SDKs


About this product XServeris a PHP/JSON REST API for you to build your own backend for your mobile applications and websites, a valid alternative to popular BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) services that you can control it all. A Representational State Transfer (REST)… Continue Reading


Otika – Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template


Introduction Otikais a powerful & lightweight dashboard template based on Bootstrap 4x Framework. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with latest jQuery plugins. Otikauses SASSto make your life editing the styles easier. All styles are… Continue Reading