The Retailer – Premium WooCommerce Theme


The Retaileris a must-have ThemeForest classic online store theme for WordPressand WooCommerce.14.000+ users trusted to purchase, Weekly Top Seller and up to date since 2013. A reliable theme for your next eCommerce project.        Adrian: How can I help you?… Continue Reading


Magento 2 Duplicate CMS Page and Block


Magento 2 store administration is one daunting task. However, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Duplicate CMS Page & Block extension to ease admin’s task with a facility to create duplicate CMS pages and blocks in a single click. This facility… Continue Reading


Box Tower – HTML5 Skill Game


Box Tower Box Tower is a HTML5 Arcade Game. Stack as many blocks as you can to build the highest tower! Pile the 3D blocks on top of each other as neatly as possible or they will lose size. Easy… Continue Reading


Avoid Obstacle – HTML5 Game (CAPX)


Avoid Obstacle– Is a HTML5 and mobile run game, that will help you have fun while away the time. Simple, but at the same time exciting game. Try to follow your player and don’t touch obstacles. Features: Avoid Obstacle made… Continue Reading




Description: Play MAGIC CUBE colorful on your mobile or desktop! Play the most beautiful cube game anytime! Very fast launch on your mobile or desktop without redirecting to a website. Rotate the cube, rows and columns by clicking or draining!… Continue Reading


Disable Everything – WordPress Plugin to Disable Right Click, Copying, Keyboard


This WordPress Plugin allows you to disable Right Click, Text and Images Copying, Keyboard and Scrolling on your WordPress sites. You can disable some of these features or all of them at once. This plugin is particularly useful if you… Continue Reading


Neon Bloks – HTML5 PC&Mobile Game (Construct 2-3)


Neon Bloksis a HTML5 Skill Game. Launch the energy-balls and break as many neon blocks as possible before they reach the floor! Collect extra energy-balls bonus and make an endless balls chain! Use super energy-bonus for more destruction! How To… Continue Reading


Hit The Ball – HTML5 Game (CAPX)


Hit The Ball– Is a HTML5 and mobile run game, that will help you have fun while away the time. Simple, but at the same time exciting game. Try to follow your player and hit balls. Features: Hit The Ball… Continue Reading


Algori Image and Video Slider Pro for WordPress Gutenberg


The new Algori Image and Video Slider ProPlugin for WordPress Gutenberg enables you to easily add image sliders to your website. Capture your site visitors’ attention with compelling image sliders, beautiful hero images/videos, header sliders, image carousels and slideshows. Algori… Continue Reading


Gathering Platformer – HTML5 Game, PC and Mobile Version (Construct-2 CAPX)


Gathering Platformeris a game in which you control a circular Hero. It is classical HTML5 platform game. How To Play:Touch the arrow on screen or use “WAD†keys on keyboard to control a Hero. Move the Hero, collect keys and… Continue Reading