Snake – HTML5 Game


This is a basic snake game made with JavaScript for logic and CSS for rendering. Use the arrow keys or “WASDâ€or “Directional arrow keysâ€to control the snake. You can walk the walls. Good luck! Note: This game has been developed… Continue Reading


Ninja Slasher


Ninja Slasher is a Action Platformer games, on HTML5. If you enjoy Action platform games you shouldn’t miss this. Easy to pick up and play thanks to simple controls and mobile touch control supported. Journey and fight the zombies in… Continue Reading




JUMGLE JAM – It’s with a game built in HTML Now ready to upload to a server or video game page. The rules are very simple: you can only destroy 3 or more elements. Destroy the can horizontally, vertically and… Continue Reading


Hold position 3 – HTML5 game. Mobile adaptive, construct 2-3


ABOUT PROJECT Hold position 3 is the next of a series of games hold and . This time I decided to change the gameplay and completely change the style of the game, but the main idea does not change. Previously,… Continue Reading


Baseball Classic (Sport) Game!


About: Baseball in two modes, classic that is the championship and the arcade mode where you must make points by bouncing the ball on the target and next to it. Controls: (✓) – Touch or Mouse Characteristics: (✓) – Created… Continue Reading


Simple run – HTML5 game. Construct 2-3 + mobile control


ABOUT PROJECT Interesting game in retro style HOW TO PLAY Move up and avoid obstacles. Set new records and share with friends. The game has mobile control and control of the keyboard. The file is saved for versions 2 and… Continue Reading


Gold Golf – Html5 Mobile Game – android & ios (Construct 2)


click on remove iframe at top right to play best Gold Golf – Html5 Mobile Game – android & ios (Construct 2) How To Play Gold Golf : touch the screen to load the power bar ,then release to shoot… Continue Reading


Beepio – HTML5 logic game | Construct 2/3 (.capx and .c3p)


ABOUT PROJECT This is an incredible game for all ages! You will have many interesting and exciting levels of varying complexity. This bright and amazing game will make you smile HOW TO PLAY The game consists of simple rules. You… Continue Reading


Ruine tower 2 – HTML5 game. Construct 2 (capx). Mob controll


ABOUT PROJECT This is an interesting arcade game. In it, you need to destroy the wooden blocks and it does not come across spikes, otherwise they will damage your health. Collect gold coins to become stronger. Once you accumulate a… Continue Reading


Zig Down – Html5 Mobile Game – android & ios (Construct 2)


click on remove iframe at top right to play best Zig Down – Html5 Mobile Game – android & ios (Construct 2) How To Play Zig Down : tap the screen to change the direction , Collect the stars and… Continue Reading