Hex Breakout (.capx)


Hexa Blocks is a simple and addictive block puzzle game. Fill in a horizontal or vertical grid line, make sure the ball does not come out of the hexagon zone Features : – Made with Construct 2 – Include project… Continue Reading


Cartoon Coloring Book – HTML5 Game for Kids – Construct 2 source-code (.capx)


“Cartoon Coloring Book†is an great game for children of all ages. There are 12 beautiful levels for kids to play with. Games like that will help develop their sense of creativity. Have fun with this amazing game for kids!… Continue Reading


Racing Games Bundle


4 Racing Games Bundle Premium bundle containing four racing games with awesome flat graphics and a captive gameplay. All games created in Construct 2 and has full compatibility with new Construct 3. These HTML5 games can be easily exported to… Continue Reading


Rock Music (Guitar Hero Style) – Construct 2 Source Code and HTML5 Files Exported!


Casual Music Game (Rock Music) developed for fun of all people, in the style of guitar hero, from children to adults. Save as many points as you can by pressing music buttons and do not miss the beat. The designs… Continue Reading


Christmas Bubbles – HTML5 Game + Mobile + AdMob (Construct 3 | Construct 2 | Capx)


Christmas Bubbles is a simple match game, shoot in 3 or more balls with same colors, and get high score!. Made in Construct 2. Enjoy the game! Full Game; One-Touch Control; Simple Gameplay; Easy to Reskin; Easy to Add Content;… Continue Reading


Kitten Run – HTML5/Construct 2 Game, Mobile & Desktop Version (CAPX included)


Kitten Run – with CAPX This is a complete game thats ready to play. Graphics and sound assets are included (PSD, PNG and WAV files). CAPX has been commented for easier understanding (on Game layout) – Whats included – CAPX… Continue Reading


Santa Bomber 3D


Defeat all enemies to complete the levels. Supports mobile and desktop FEATURES : – Isometric 3D graphics – 1280×720 HD resolution – Game made in Construct 2 – Capx Included – HTML5 – Mobile App Optimized Playable on all platforms… Continue Reading


Space Idler | Construct 2


Description Endless idle/action game. Features Made with Construct 2 Include project .capx Include images and music/sounds(.ogg) files Include HTML5 build Include documentation Works on all platforms | web(HTML 5), mobile(iOS, Android), PC HD resolution Ease to add Admob Ads Easy… Continue Reading


Super Pixel Platformer Engine


Optimized Mobile, Keyboard & Gamepad Controls For fans of 2D Side Scrolling Action Games. Full Construct 2 .Capx file included, custom sprites and pixel art. This is the most fully featured and high quality .Capx template you can start with,… Continue Reading


Crazy Balls – HTML5 Game (CAPX)


Play super addictive game “Crazy Balls†Just hold, drag and release to throw the bouncing balls and shoot all shapes. Every shape has numbers so to destroy one shape ball has to hit till 0. Start hitting shapes! This game… Continue Reading