Google Address Autocomplete and Search Terms


Description Help your customers fill out the address field in a single click. Let them select the address from the dropdown provided by Google Places autocomplete service. Our module is created to help you reduce a total time needed for… Continue Reading


WooCommerce Registration Plugin, Enable Default WooCommerce Fields


Enable Default Woocommerce Registration fields like First name, Last name, Company, Phone, Country, State, Address, City & Postal Code. No Need to use any plugin to add them as custom fields when you have default WooCommerce registration fields. This plugin… Continue Reading


Advanced Fields & Statistics


Create fields, Segment your clients and orders, create reports, see statistics and start optimizing. Create unlimited number of custom fields to help you segment better. DECISIONAL REPORTING : ADVANCED ANALYTICS FOR A BETTER PROFITABILITY OF YOUR SHOP Have you ever… Continue Reading


Woocommerce Registration Plugin, Add Custom Registration Fields


ACF Frontend Display


Show custom fieldslabel & value from the specific post on frontend easily with style. Work smarter & faster with ACF Frontend Display. Why do you need ACF Frontend Display This plugin will show the custom field value with the label… Continue Reading