Fruit Gardener – HTML5 Game


Fruit Gardener This game has been developed in HTML5/js and third-party library PixiJs – (not Construct2 or other framework). Features Desktop Optimized Mobile Optimized Mouse and/or Touch HTML5 Files Logo Documentation


Hold position 3 – HTML5 game. Mobile adaptive, construct 2-3


ABOUT PROJECT Hold position 3 is the next of a series of games hold and . This time I decided to change the gameplay and completely change the style of the game, but the main idea does not change. Previously,… Continue Reading


Flying Dodo – HTML5 Game


Grab a jetpack, goggles and a tank full of gas… We’re going for a fun ride with Wilbur the dodo in the game Flying Dodo! This game has been developed in HTML5/js and third-party library CreateJs – (not Construct2 or… Continue Reading


Cyber Soldier


Cyber Soldier is a sci-fi adventure platformer HTML5 game. If you enjoy platform games you shouldn’t miss this. Easy to pick up and play thanks to simple controls. Journey through beautifuly designed levels, try to find coin and red star,… Continue Reading


YC HTML5 Slot Machine


YC HTML5 Slot Machine is a HTML5 Casino game. We made this script to offer a simple and fast way to implement games on advertising contests. You can use this HTML5 Game on Desktop, Tablets or Touch Screens hooked on… Continue Reading


Friendly Fish


This game is developed with Phaser, HTML5 game framework. It works on desktop and mobile browsers. Control a fish, swim around and save small blue fishes while avoiding other creatures. Use keyboard to play on desktop (AD or JK). If… Continue Reading


Baseball Classic (Sport) Game!


About: Baseball in two modes, classic that is the championship and the arcade mode where you must make points by bouncing the ball on the target and next to it. Controls: (✓) – Touch or Mouse Characteristics: (✓) – Created… Continue Reading


Ice Cream – Relaxing HTML5 Kids game


Click above on Preview to test it. A relaxing game for sunny people. Uncertain Studio Quality: HTML5 Mobile Optimized Mobile App Optimized AdMob Ready Playable on all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.) Unique self made assets Super small filesize Clean code… Continue Reading


Ninja Action – HTML5 Game (CAPX)


Who dont like Ninja? Are you familiar with ninja technique? This one has gravity power. Play this awesome game “Ninja Actionâ€. Tap to jump on platforms. Collect coins, magnet and 2X to make high scores. Lets start the game with… Continue Reading