Connect Hexas | HTML5 Game (capx)


Connect the hexas to solve the puzzles. Tap any of the hexas to rotate them. The level is complete when everything is connected without loose ends. After solving a puzzle, tap the animated button to advance to the next. Features:… Continue Reading


Shooting Halloween (C2,C3,HTML5) Game.


Description: Halloween night has come, it comes in the theme of shooting, a fun and lively game, challenge your friends and get the highest score achieved. The goal is to blow up all the pumpkins thrown into the air. But… Continue Reading


Stay On The Road


Hyper-casual HTML5 Game. Features: 6 Different Cars Including Vector Arts (AI Files) One Touch Control Replayable Gameplay Responsive Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.) Including Constuct 2 file (.capx – all source) Construct 3 is supported


Make 5 | HTML5 Game + capx/cp3 Admobe


Place three blocks with the same number and color next to each other to merge them horizontally, vertically or both. You can also rotate blocks before placing them on the grid! Features: Beautiful graphics No required coding Easy to modify… Continue Reading


Fish Eat Fish – HTML5 Game, Mobile Version + AdMob!!! (Construct 3 | Construct 2 | Capx)


Fish Eat Fish is a HTML5 Game. This is a small game in which you play with piranha, the goal of the game is to grow big fish, you must eat smaller fishes than you and do not come across… Continue Reading


Compurox – Computer Repair HTML Template


We know that every business is different, that’s why we have done deep research to build each blocks in Comrepair, and deliver this specifically to yours Comrepair website template is an ideal pre-built website template for business specialise in Data… Continue Reading


WebViewGold for iOS – WebView URL/HTML to iOS app + Push, URL Handling, APIs & much more!


WebViewGold. The WebView solution that just works. Let’s convert your websites and web apps into apps for iOS. This app template supports all kinds of web apps/websites (including HTML, PHP, WordPress, Progressive Web Apps, HTML 5 Games, …). WebViewGold comes… Continue Reading


Ionic Mobile App Builder


Ionic Mobile App Builder (IMABuildeRz v1)is a web tool (not SaaS) to build a template code for Ionicv1 (modified)and also build backend for storage media without coding. You can build project to app file (apk) using ionic, cordovaor phonegapor online… Continue Reading