HoverZoom – Lightweight Non-JQuery Plugin


HoverZoom – Lightweight Non-JQuery Plugin HoverZoom is a plugin built on javascript which allows users to zoom in images as they hover. This plugin doesn’t depend on any other libraries and this doesn’t use JQuery. This would cut a significant… Continue Reading


DCWebGL Slider – Real 3D jQuery Plugin


DCWebGL Slideris an easy to use jQuery plugin that let you show your images on your website in a brand new way. Thanks to the power of WebGL technology, the slider is built in a REAL 3D world, directly into… Continue Reading


Asgard – Social Media Alerts & Feeds WordPress Builder – Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and more!


Asgard – Social Media Alerts and Feed Wordpress Builder Easily Share your Social Content With Asgard, you’ll be able to create alerts from different social networks to let visitor know what you are up to, show your feed or simply… Continue Reading


Media Manager


FileShark – media manager for your CMS Custom interface solution for file management in your content management system. Attention! This is only an interface solution. It means that you will need to launch it on your own preconfigured server. You… Continue Reading


Liker – WordPress Rating Plugin


Liker is a plugin for collecting ratings of WordPress posts and pages. The plugin allows you to quickly and accurately gather information about the usefulness of your articles. The plugin can collect ratings in both like and opinion formats. You… Continue Reading


Tossa – Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template


Introduction Tossais a powerful & lightweight dashboard template based on Bootstrap 4x Framework. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with latest jQuery plugins. Tossauses SASSto make your life editing the styles easier. All styles are… Continue Reading


jCountdown Mega Package


jCountdown is a highly customizable jQuery plugin, you can easily to use it on your site, you can try some different setting at preview page, and check all properties and methods at below check the WordPress Plugin here Update Log… Continue Reading


Easy Video Background


Easy Video Background v2.0now available for download! Easy Video Backgroundlets you add video in the background of your website with a single Javascript call. The script automatically picks the most optimal video formatbased on the browser where it is being… Continue Reading


Custom JS and CSS for Gutenberg


Easily add your code anywhere on your WordPress page. Javascript Between <head>and </head>tags. Before closing </body>tag. Right to the place of the block. CSS Between <head>and </head>tags. Before closing </body>tag. Right to the place of the block. Meta Between <head>and… Continue Reading


Angry Chicken Classic – HTML5 Retro Arcade Game


What you get You will get the HTML5files needed to upload Angry Chicken Classic – HTML5 Retro Arcade Gameto your websites, along with the GameMaker: Studio source .gmzfile. In order to edit the game (to change the speed of the… Continue Reading