Run From Corona Game (CAPX and HTML5)


Run From Corona Game (CAPX and HTML5). FEATURES: – Admob ads support. – Made with Construct 2. – HTML5 included. – Capx File Included. – No Required Coding knowledge. – Documentation Included. – All Platforms Supported. – Easy Customization. –… Continue Reading


Tank Battle Ground


Tank Battle Ground, is a real time strategy game, fascinating and beautiful game in which you have to defeat enemies and collect all various improvements. use the mouse to select and use tanks, tactics are needed to attack the enemy,… Continue Reading


Fruit Hunter


fruit hunter is an html5 arcade game for websites, mobile, mac and ect. You will play as a pink guy who will compete with the blue guy to get as many fruits as possible to get a score, if the… Continue Reading


Mad Fish – HTML5 Game, Mobile Version + AdMob!!! (Construct 3 | Construct 2 | Capx)


Mad Fish is a HTML5 Game. This is a small game in which you play with piranha, the goal of the game is to grow big fish, you must eat smaller fishes than you and do not come across big… Continue Reading


Sky Warrior Alien Attack


Sky Warrior Alien Attack, is a arcade game, fascinating and beautiful game in which you have to resque people and collect life, ammunition, missiles, fuel and various improvements and destroy the Alien! Simple operation: the upward movement by pressing the… Continue Reading


Desert Runner – HTML5 Game (Construct2)


Description: Click the buttons to control the character. Jump over the obstacles and collect as many coins as you can before the time runs out. Made with Construct2 (capx file included). I hope you enjoy the game! Features: – Mobile… Continue Reading


Sliced | Html5 Mobile Game | android & ios


Sliced | Html5 Mobile Game | android & ios Slice and survive as long as you can Features: . Game Made with Construct 2 . auto resize . Touch & Mouse control . SHARE HIGH SCORE ON TWITTER . Easy… Continue Reading


Christmas Balls – (C2, C3, HTML5) Game.


Description: Christmas Balls 3 games are puzzle games you need to Christmas Balls 3 or more object by exchanging two pieces or by clicking on a group of 3 or more. Made in Construct 2. The game is made with… Continue Reading


One Dot – HTML5 Game (Construct3)


Attention!!! This game can be opened only in Construct 3 About: One Dot – is a game where you need to watch the moving arrow and shoot the yellow dots This game works on all popular browsers; Included HTML5 and… Continue Reading


Airship Venture


Airship Venture is an arcade game in html5, tap or click on the screen make Ship fly, collect coin, and don’t hit the enemy! Features: 1. Full Game. 2. Cocon.Ads 3. One Touch Control. 4. Sound Fx. 5. Including Constuct… Continue Reading