WooCommerce Extra Delivery Fee


WooCommerce Extra Delivery Fee

As a e-commerce store owner, sometimes they need to add some
extra delivery fee in any circumstances.
WooCommerce Extra Delivery Feeplugin lets give you
a really easy interface to add this fee with customer order. Store
Owner can set a label and description( why store owner charge extra
fee ) which will show in different places( like cart, checkout,
order details, customer email etc ). Also extra delivery fee will
added based on condition( cart total ) or without any

Plugin Features

  • Enable/Disable the fees/cost.
  • Add custom label
  • Add extra delivery fee description( will show on different
    places like checkout page, customer and admin order email )
  • Use conditional fee rule
  • Select fee type( Fixed, Percentage )
  • Add amount
  • Set your fee to include TAX amount

Features in Details

Admin Panel

Plugin Settings

Under WooCommerce > Extra Delivery Fee Settings tab, you will
find the following options.

Order Details in
Admin Area

Extra delivery fee will be show in WooCommerce Order details
page in admin area like the below screenshot

Order Email

Extra delivery fee and fee details will be show in Customer and
Admin Order email like the below screenshot.


Cart Page

Extra delivery fee will be show in Cart page like the below

Checkout Page

Extra delivery fee and fee details will be show in Checkout page
like the below screenshot based on plugin settings.

Order Received

Extra delivery fee will be show in Order received page like the
below screenshot.


  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce


- Inital release

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Download WooCommerce Extra Delivery Fee

Download this file for free @ Usenet.nl (woocommerce-extra-delivery-fee.zip)

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